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Bunny Ears | Nail Art


Bunny Ears | Nail Art

Want to know how to create this cute bunny ears nail look? Follow our 7 step guide below!


The products we used to create this look:

Nail varnish and nail art tools

1. Vitamin Base Coat – Natural Collection
2. 60 Seconds Super Shine – Rimmel London – Naked Class
3. 7 Day Wear Nail Polish – Collection – White Out
4. 60 Seconds Super Shine – Rimmel London – Ring A Ring O’Roses
5. Lasting Gel Nail Colour – Collection – Blackjack
6. Pointed Drawing Brush (Small)
Dotting Tool
8. Dotting Tool


Now lets show you how we created this bunny ears nail art!

Bunny ears nail art, easter nail art, base coat nail varnish


First of all it is important to make sure your nails are clean and ready to be painted before we start, so we need to do a little bit of preparation. If you have nail varnish on already, you will need to take it off with some nail varnish remover. After this is done, I usually wash my hands just to ensure my nails are completely clean.

Then it’s time to tidy your nails up a little and to shape them to how you want, using with your file. Also, if you want make your nails appear longer – you can push back your cuticles. If you place your hand in some warm water for a few minutes, it will help soften your skin making it easier for you to do this.

Once you are ready, you should apply a base coat to your nail as this will protect your nails from being stained but also will make applying your nail varnish much smoother. We used the Vitamin Base Coat (1) to do this.


Bunny ears nail art, easter nail art, grey nails


Once your base coat is dry (this shouldn’t take too long), we can start moving on to the more exciting parts – deciding what colour you want your nails to be! For this look, we decided to paint our nails with the nail varnish in the colour Naked Class (2). We applied 2 coats of the nail varnish as this makes sure the nails are covered well.

We recommend you apply two thin coats rather than one thick one as the thicker the coat, the longer it will take to dry.


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, grey nails


Once the grey nail varnish is dry, it’s time to start creating this bunny ears nail art! The first thing we need to do is create the bunny’s face. To do this, we painted a thin line at a slight curve with the small pointed drawing brush (6) with the nail varnish in the colour White Out (4), and then painted up to the line to fill it in.


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, white bunny, grey nails


Next we need to give the bunny some ears! To do this, we used the dotting tool (8) with the nail varnish in the colour White Out (4).


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, white bunny, grey nails


After you have painted on the ears, to add the final touch to them we need to paint on a thin line down the middle of them using the dotting tool (7) with the nail varnish in the colour Ring A Ring O’Roses (5).


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, white bunny, grey nails


Now it’s time to paint on the bunny’s eyes! To do this, we used the dotting tool (8) with the nail varnish in the colour Blackjack (5).


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, white bunny, grey nails


Now it’s time to add the final touches to this bunny ears nail art! We repeated the previous steps and painted on the bunny ears on the rest of the nails.


And that’s how we created this bunny ears nail look! It’s a super cute look for your nails this Easter and spring! It’s also great if you want a cute animal nail look.


Bunny ears nail art, Easter nail art, white bunny, grey nails


Now it’s your turn! Have you created this look? We’d love to see it – tag us on Twitter and Instagram!


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(40) Comments

  1. Awww this is such a fun Easter design, I really love the colours together too. You’re so talented with your nail art 🙂

    Kate |

    1. Thank you so much! We wanted to mix things up with the different colours so it wasn’t all just the same usual colours 🙂

  2. I love bunnies so much i have to recreate this!!

    1. They’re so cute, aren’t they! We’d love to see it if you do re-create this look 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! This nail design is so adorable! I’ve been seeing all your Easter nail arts on Instagram! They’re all so creative! Thanks for sharing!

    1. They are so cute, aren’t they?! We hope you’ve been enjoying seeing them 🙂 it’s been so much fun coming up with them and creating the tutorials!

  4. Great nail art, as always! These nails are so cute x

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. These bunny nails are super cute! Happy Easter- fabulous post as always!

    Melanie |

    1. Thank you – happy Easter to you too! 🙂 we’re so glad you liked it!

  6. such a cute nail art! so perfect for easter but to be honest, it is so cute that i’d be wearing it all the time! i’d need my nails to be longer though! xx corinne

    1. Haha, yes! I don’t blame you – they look so cute on the nails! It’s a great look for spring time too 🙂

  7. oh my god, that looks utterly adorable. I wish my hand was stable enough to copy the design because I am in love ♥

    1. Aww, thank you for the lovely comment! They are so cute the little rabbits, aren’t they?! 🙂

  8. This is super cute, and especially for Easter! I definitely need to get a dotting pen so I can experiment with my nails!xx

    1. It was such a cute design for Easter, but also it’s super cute for Spring time too! Dotting pens are great – they are so useful because you can do so many different things with them, and not just ‘dot’ haha

  9. They’re too cute! I love the neutral colours and the detail is incredible as always! x


    1. Thank you 🙂 I love the colour of the nail varnish we used as the base, so I really wanted to try and use it in one of these looks and thought this would be a super cute look that would look great with all the colours together!

  10. These little bunnies are the cutest! It looks so simple and easy to do yet so adorable and effective. Great design as always girls.

    Emma x

    1. They are little cuties aren’t they! It was quite a simple and easy design to do, it just takes a little bit of time as you have to wait for the nail varnish to dry! Thank you so much 🙂

  11. This might just be the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen. What an absolutely gorgeous design and perfect for this time of year! I really love the grey base colour too it’s lovely and the Rita Ora nail polish is fabulous. I am definitely going to show this to my nail lady as I’d love to have this done!! It’s a shame I have such shaky hands as otherwise I’d be doing it right now on myself!
    Alice Xx

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! It’s such a gorgeous shade the base colour, isn’t it?! It isn’t usually a colour I would have picked up, but I thought the colour could come in use at some point – then I painted my nails with it and I was like :O! Haha. I’m so glad I got it! Aww, well we’d love to see a picture if you do get this look on your nails 🙂

  12. What a cute design! I love the colours you have used too and the step by step is fabulous

    1. Thank you 🙂 the bunnies are so cute, aren’t they! I definitely love pastels and these pretty colours used in this time of the year 🙂 we’re so glad you like the step by step tutorial – our aim is to create these tutorials so everyone can give it a try if they would like to!

  13. These are so adorable?! I love the base colour as a nail colour to wear normally, but the bunnies are super easy to do as well – I love them!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! It’s such a pretty colour isn’t it?! It isn’t usually something I would pick, but I’m so glad I picked it up now because I looove the shade. We’re so glad you love them, the bunnies are little cuties, aren’t they?!

  14. This is so fun and adorable. Now just for the weather to match up with our spring spirits! Also, you have such lovely long nail beds!

    1. They are cute, aren’t they! 🙂 Hopefully soon the weather will start to match, haha. Thank you so much – it is handy having the long nails for doing these looks!

  15. Zara Anne Borrelli says:

    Ohhh this is so cute! What a great idea especially since Easter was so recent xx

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yeah – it was a pretty nail look for Easter. it’s still a super cute look if you love bunnies and with it being spring!

  16. I love this one! Those bunnies are so adorable, perfect for spring time! My sister has a bunny and loves everything bunny related, I’m definitely gonna have to show her this one, I’m sure she will love it too! Fab tutorial as always xx

    Bexa |

    1. I’ve always wanted a pet bunny, they are so cute! Thank you so much! We’d love to know what she thinks about this nail look 😀

  17. These are so cute! My nieces would go absolutely crazy if I painted my nails like this… I might need to try it one time when I’m feeling patient haha!

    Ruth |

    1. Haha, some of my young cousins came round when I had these on my nails – they loved it! 😛 we’d love to see a picture if you do try this look out 🙂

  18. Seeking Sammy says:

    What an adorable design!! I love these!

    1. Aww, thank you! We’re so glad you love the design 🙂

  19. Omg I love this soooo much! This is totally cute. Will definitely attempt to do this, even though it’ll probably look horrible on me. But wow! Gonna keep clicking on your other posts for more inspo!

    1. Thank you so much! We’re so glad you love this look – it looks so adorable on the nails 😀 I hope we do inspire you more!

  20. Love this! Thank you for sharing 😀 I’ll try to do it <3

    1. It’s a cute look isn’t it! Thank you, we’d love to see a picture if you do try do this look 😀

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