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Christmas Lights | Nail Art


Christmas Lights | Nail Art

Want to know how to create this nail look? Follow our 6 step guide below!


The products we used to create this look:

1. Vitamin Base Coat – Natural Collection
2. Quick Dry Nail Colour – Natural Collection – Mulled Wine
3. Color Show – Maybelline – Glitter It
4. Lasting Gel Nail Colour – Collection – Blackjack
5. Quick Dry Nail Colour – Natural Collection – Mulled Wine
6. 60 Seconds Super Shine – Rimmel London – Danny Boy, Blue!
7. Color Show 60 Seconds – Maybelline – Electric Yellow
8. 60 Seconds Super Shine – Rimmel London – Loosey Goosey Dancin
Color Show 60 Seconds – Maybelline – Lux Lobster
Flat Drawing Brush
Dotting Pen


Now lets show you how we created this look!


First of all it is important to make sure your nails are clean and ready to be painted before we start, so we need to do a little bit of preparation. If you have nail varnish on already, you will need to take it off with some nail varnish remover. After this is done, I usually wash my hands just to just to ensure my nails are completely clean.

Then it’s time to tidy your nails up a little and shape them to how you want them with your file. If you want make your nails appear longer you can push back your cuticles. If you place your hand in some warm water for a few minutes, it will help soften your skin making it easier for you to do this.

Once you are ready, you should apply a base coat to your nail as this will protect your nails from being stained but also will make applying your nail varnish much smoother. We used the Vitamin Base Coat (1) to do this.



Once your base coat is dry (this shouldn’t take too long), we can start moving on to the more exciting parts – deciding what colour you want your nails to be! For this look, we decided to have a white base colour as this will make it easier to paint the Christmas lights on! So, we painted the nails with the white (2) nail varnish. We applied 2 coats as this made sure the nails were covered well.

We recommend you apply two thin coats rather than one thick one as the thicker the coat, the longer it will take to dry!



Once the white nail varnish is dry, we decided to add a bit of glitter to the nail look by using the Glitter It (3) nail varnish.



Now it’s time to start creating the look! To paint on the thin black lines, we used the flat drawing brush (10) with the black (4) nail varnish. We painted the wire on the nails so it would look like they are joined up when the nails are together (you can see this in the bottom image!). To do this, we started each wire on the nail in a similar place to where the other one ended.



Once you are happy with the wire placement, it’s time to start planning where you would like the lights to be! To do this, we used the dotting pen (11) with the black (4) nail varnish and painted on little black lines coming off from the wire – this is what the Christmas lights will be on.



Now it’s time to add the final touch to the look – the different coloured Christmas lights! To paint them on, we used the dotting pen (11) and 5 different colours – red (5) blue (6) yellow (7) green (8) orange (9). This kept it looking bright, festive and very colourful!

And that’s it! How great is this look?! Perfect for everyday wear with it getting closer to Christmas! So, if you are getting into that Christmassy mood – have fun and paint this look on your nails!



Now it’s your turn! Have you created this look? We’d love to see it – tag us on Twitter and Instagram!


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(22) Comments

  1. Oh gosh those are so pretty. I don’t think i am that patient but love the look

    1. Thank you! It didn’t really take that much time to be honest so you could give it a try! 🙂

  2. I am trying my hardest not to bit my nails anymore because I would love to be able to do this! It looks incredible, and I love how detailed the steps are. Amazing! X

    1. Aww – yeah, it helped me stop doing that by painting my nails as I didn’t want to ruin the design I did! Come back and follow our steps when you are ready 😀 thank you!

  3. Oh I love these!! I never would have thought of doing nails like that but they’re so festive and fingers crossed easy enough for a nail novice like me to do!! X

    1. Yeah! I thought it would be a really interesting and different design to create a tutorial for when I thought of this design 🙂 I’m sure you could! It is quite an easy design to do, it’s all good fun anyway! 😀

  4. These are just too cute!! I love how simple yet effective these are, they’re perfect for the festive season! You’ve explained the steps to recreate this so well, if I had a steadier hand I’d definitely have a go myself!!


    1. Thank you – they are super cute, aren’t they?! Yeah – it is quite a simple look and quite easy to re-create 🙂 aww, well you could try, have a go and just have some fun!

  5. They are so pretty! I don’t think I have a steady enough hand to master this one though. I don’t know how you guys have managed to come up with so many amazing festive ideas! x


    1. It is a pretty look, isn’t it! It actually was quite easy to do, you could give it a try – it’s all fun anyway 😀 haha, well we love Christmas, and it’s so much fun thinking of ideas and trying stuff out!

  6. I was about to set out my nail stuff and do your stripe flower design but I’m glad I got to see this one! I think it’ll be a great look to combine again…thanks for all the wonderful ideas I’ll snap you a pic later! Have a fab Christmas!

    xx Lena |

    1. Haha, sorry! 😛 aww, yeah – we’d love to see a picture, can’t wait to see what you do this time! Hope you have a great Christmas too! 🙂

  7. You are so amazing at nail art! I love this one, it’s so different from anything I’ve seen!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yeah this is a really cool, different design 🙂

  8. These are soo adorable! I’ve never seen nail art like this either, your ideas get even more intricate everytime, it’s incredible! I would absolutely love to have something like this done but there’s no way I could do it myself, I have such shaky hands haha! I love Rimmel nail products too 🙂
    Alice Xx

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! 🙂 aww, well it’s all good fun! The Rimmel nail varnish is so nice, and the colours are gorgeous!

  9. This is so cute! And so well explained.

  10. This is such a beautiful look! Definitely keeping this bookmarked for next Christmas – x

    1. Aww, thank you! Yeah it’s a beautiful look, but also a little different which I think makes it really cool too! Ooo, that would be good 🙂

  11. My finger nails are prettt disgusting if I’m honest – I NEED to stop picking them but I absolutely adore this!

    1. Aww – you’ll get there, and when you do – just think of all the great things you can paint on them 🙂 Thank you!

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