False Nails Sample Sizing Pack


Not sure what size nails you need? Order this sample sizing pack to easily find out!



You will receive a set of 10 plain false nails in this sample sizing pack, which will be labelled between 0-9. This will allow you to easily find out what your nail sizes are, so you know which option you need to choose when ordering your false nail sets!

The following nail shape options are available:

  • Oval – Square – Coffin – Stiletto

You can also choose between these lengths:

  • Short (Oval and Square only) – Medium – Long

Once you know your nail sizes, you can compare it to our preset sizes that are available for all our false nail sets which are:

  • Petite =
    Thumb: 15mm | Index finger: 11mm | Middle finger: 12mm | Ring finger: 11mm | Little finger: 9mm
  • Medium =
    Thumb: 16mm | Index finger: 12mm | Middle finger: 13mm | Ring finger: 12mm | Little finger: 10mm
  • Wide =
    Thumb: 17mm | Index finger: 13mm | Middle finger: 14mm | Ring finger: 13mm | Little finger: 11mm

If your nails do not match one of these, don’t worry! All you need to do is choose the ‘Custom’ option and then leave your nail measurements in the note section at checkout.


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