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Snowman | Nail Art Tutorial


Snowman | Nail Art Tutorial

Want to know how to create this snowman nail look? Follow our 9 step nail art tutorial below!

The products we used to create this look:

Nail polishes and nail art tools

1. Vitamin Base Coat – Natural Collection
2. 7 Day Wear Nail Polish – Collection – Baby Blue
3. French Manicure Long Lasting – Collection – French White
4. Lasting Gel Nail Colour – Collection – Blackjack
5. Color Show 60 Seconds – Maybelline – Lux Lobster
6. Quick Dry Nail Colour – Natural Collection – Mulled Wine
7. Pointed Drawing Brush (Small)
8. Dotting Tool
9. Dotting Tool

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Now lets show you how we created this look!


First of all it is important to make sure your nails are clean and ready to be painted before we start, so we need to do a little bit of preparation. If you have nail polish on already, you will need to take it off with some nail polish remover. After this is done, I usually wash my hands just to just to ensure my nails are completely clean.Then it’s time to tidy your nails up a little and shape them to how you want them with your file. If you want make your nails appear longer you can push back your cuticles. If you place your hand in some warm water for a few minutes, it will help soften your skin making it easier for you to do this.Once you are ready, you should apply a base coat to your nail as this will protect your nails from being stained but also will make applying your nail polish much smoother. We used the Vitamin Base Coat (1) to do this.

Step 2 to create this Christmas themed nail look. Paint your nails a light blue colour!STEP 2

Once your base coat is dry (this shouldn’t take too long), we can start moving on to the more exciting parts – deciding what colour you want your nails to be! For this look, we decided to go with a  really light blue colour. We applied 2 coats of the nail polish in the colour Baby Blue (2) as this made sure the nail was covered well. We recommend you apply two thin coats rather than one thick one as the thicker the coat, the longer it will take to dry!


Once the blue nail polish is dry, the real fun begins – time to start creating this nail look! We decided on using the ring finger as the main focus of this look, and will have the snowman on there. We first painted on a thin line at the bottom of the nail using the pointed drawing brush (7) with the nail polish in the colour French White (3). This gives a little snowy platform for your snowman to stand on!


Now it’s time to start creating the snowman! We used the thicker dotting pen (8) with the nail polish in the colour French White (3) to create 3 different sized circles – starting with painting the largest one at the bottom, a slightly smaller one for the body and then a smaller one for the head.

snowman nail art designsSTEP 5

Now to let the snowman dry before we add some detail. This is the perfect time to start painting on the snowflakes on the other nails! We did this by first of all painting on a ‘+’ shape in the places we wanted to have the snowflakes. We used the thin dotting tool* (9) with the nail polish in the colour French White (3). Then we painted on lines in between the ‘+’, like an ‘X’ shape – this is how to create the snowflake!After we were finished with painting on the snowflakes, we used the thinner side of the dotting pen (8) with the nail polish in the colour French White (3) to add some small dots over the nail just to add that final touch.* If you feel more comfortable, you can use a pointed drawing brush instead of a dotting pen.

snowflake nail artSTEP 6

After we finished with my thumb, it was time to paint the snowflakes on all the other nails using the same techniques as in step 5!

christmas nailsSTEP 7

Now all the other nails are done, we can go back to adding some details to the snowman! We used the thin dotting tool (9) with the nail polish in the colour Blackjack (4) to paint on some eyes on the snowman’s head and add some buttons on his body.Don’t forget his nose! We used the thin dotting tool (9) with the nail polish in the colour Lux Lobster (5) to add a cute little orange nose to his face!

christmas nail artSTEP 8

Now we had to give him a cute scarf too! So we used the pointed drawing brush* (7) with the nail polish in the colour Mulled Wine (6) to paint on a scarf around his neck.* You can use a thin dotting pen instead if you don’t feel comfortable using the pointed drawing brush.

christmas nail art snowmanSTEP 9

And now it’s time to just add the final touches – a snowman wouldn’t be happy without his hat! We used the thin dotting tool (9) with the nail polish in the colour Blackjack (4) to paint on his hat.Afterwards, we used the thinner side of the dotting pen (8) with the nail polish in the colour French White (3) to add some small dots around the snowman to make it look like it’s snowing – just to finish the look!And that’s it! How cute is this look?! Perfect for everyday wear during the winter, but also if you are getting into that Christmasy mood – why not have fun and paint this look on your nails to show everyone!

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snowman nails

Now it’s your turn! Have you created this look? We’d love to see it – tag us on Twitter and Instagram @creativenailsuk!

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Also – if you are unable to find what you are looking for through my shop or from a design in my nail art tutorials, please do not hesitate to get in touch! I am more than happy to do custom designs.

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(74) Comments

  1. Sophia Tranter says:

    I love doing my nails too so this was so much fun to watch you do. I really like the way you set out the post too.

    Sophia xo //

    1. Thank you so much! It was so much fun to paint my nails like this too so I’m glad you enjoyed seeing it 😀

    2. Omg I have to agree here like I’m a sucker for nail art! Total inspo for my weekend nails lol 🙂

      1. It’s so much fun isn’t it?! Ooo, we’d love to see how we inspired you when you paint your nails! 🙂

  2. LOVE this! Ah, I love everything Winter. I should stop biting my nails to try this out though haha. Whoopsie.

    1. Thank you! I had that problem for a while but I did find that painting my nails pretty colours helped me stop as I didn’t want to ruin them, haha!

  3. Ohh this is so cute and festive! I particularly love that blue shade! I’ll have to give this a go
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Thank you! The blue shade is one of my favourites, it’s so pretty. Aw, we’d love to see it when you give this a go! 🙂

  4. I am seriously impressed with how professional this look is! I am an absolute disaster when it comes to anything nail related, to my great shame any cute nail looks that I have come exclusively from stick ons haha! You’ve made this tutorial very informative with the photos at every stage, your photo set up is gorgeous!


    1. Wow, thank you so much for this comment! It’s so sweet It can be quite difficult to paint some looks, but you could give some more simple looks a try to begin with and see how you get on – you might surprise yourself! 🙂

  5. I absolutely love this! So fun and festive for the holiday season

    1. Thank you! Most definitely, it’s quickly getting close to Christmas and so many people are getting in the Christmas-y mood haha, so I thought it’s perfect to start sharing some of these Christmas themed nail looks! 🙂

  6. So cute! love that you combined two designs and it looks so festive.
    Lea, xx

    1. Thank you! It’s so cute isn’t it one of my favourite designs I have painted!

  7. This is such a beautiful design and I’m loving your simple step by step guide which makes it clear for those like me who are slightly intimidated by nail tutorials!

    1. Thank you so much! This is what we were hoping for, it can be pretty intimidating when you see pictures of nail looks people have painted.. and you think “how on earth can I paint that myself?!” so we are creating these simple step by step guides so everyone can try it out if they would like to! 🙂

  8. These are so cute! I’m not in that festive place yet but those snowflakes are adorable x


    1. Thank you! That is what is great about this look too – it can be based upon the Winter and not necessarily Christmas. Also, you could just paint the snowflakes on all your nails 🙂

  9. OMGosh this is a great blog for nails and I’m glad I discovered it. I was just talking to my friends about snowman nails so this is fab!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s so good haha. We’ve got even more tutorials coming soon – and a lot of Christmas themed ones so watch this space! 🙂

  10. Rebecca Rose says:

    So frickin cute and i’m loving your easy to follow, step by step guide! xx

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  11. Lisa Dimaline says:

    This is so cute I have really long nails so get bored of painting them it takes too long but this inspires me to give it a go thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! Haha, yeah I can imagine that is a pain if you have really long nails. I’m glad I could inspire you! 🙂

  12. wow I love how your blog is unique!!
    So jealous of these designs, I am so bad at painting my nails haha!!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. Aww, thank you! 🙂 haha, well you could start trying with something small to begin with, to add an extra bit of detail to your nails and see how that goes!

  13. Ah these are incredible! Definitely bookmarking this post so that I can try this out nearer Christmas and when I have a bit more time! Thanks for a great post!- x

    1. Thank you soo much! We’d love to see it when you do try it out 🙂

  14. Hi, such a cute design and my favourite yet. I just wish that I could give it a try.

    1. Hey! Thank you 🙂 we’ve got some more Christmas themed ones soon, so we shall have to wait and see if any of them top this one as your favourite!

  15. Wow, you’re really a wonderful nail artist! These look so cute and festive! Makes me wish I wasn’t soooo chip prone!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Haha, yeah that can be a bit of a problem 😛 just have to be extra careful!

  16. These winter nails look so lovely and they don’t seem all that difficult! I want to try and get better at nail art so may have to give this a go!

    Ciara |

    1. Aww, thank you so much 🙂 oh definitely! We’d love to see it if you do give this a go!

  17. These are great! Can’t wait for the festive season.

    1. Thanks! Me too – it’s been so much fun making these nail art tutorials, haha 🙂

  18. Wow, these are so pretty and don’t look too difficult. I might have to give these a go!

    1. Thank you – yeah they aren’t that difficult to try and do which is the great bit! Especially if you follow our guide 🙂 we’d love to see it if you do give it a go!

  19. You’re officially my favourite nail blog. It looks so easy it makes me feel like I can do it myself! I probably can’t but I like the feeling. Great idea for nails!

    Julia xx

    1. Reading this put a huge smile on my face! Thank you so much! You could try it, it’s not that difficult – follow our guide and it should make it a bit easier for you to start. You could also try one of our easier designs on the website to begin with. You might surprise yourself! 🙂

  20. Oh wow this is so cute! I’m definitely going to attempt it once we’re a little closer to Christmas x

    1. It is so cute, isn’t it?! Ooo, we’d love to see it when you do this closer to Christmas! 🙂

  21. Oh these nails are super cute and festive. I love doing my nails and these don’t seem too difficult so I’m definitely going to try these out.

    Samantha |

    1. Yeees, they are, aren’t they! Perfect for it getting close to Christmas soon! Oh no, it isn’t that difficult – especially if you follow our tutorial, our aim was to make it nice and simple so everyone could try it if they wanted to. We’d love to see it when you do try this out! 🙂

  22. This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the holidays! I love how simple you have made it with the pics! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much – it’s one of my favourite looks we’ve done so far! That was our aim, so everyone can try it if they want to 🙂

  23. These are really good instructions and such a cute design. I love nails so much!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Me too – it’s so much fun being able to paint your nails!

  24. Oh wow!! These are gorgeous!! I love them! I might give this a try for Christmas.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! We’d love to see it if you do try this look out at Christmas 🙂

  25. Wow! They look incredible That is such a gorgeous shade of blue too, perfect for the winter season. You are very talented xx

    Bexa |

    1. The colour is gorgeous isn’t it! Thank you so much 🙂

  26. omg!! I wish i could do my nails like this youre amazing! also i can tell you put so much time and effort into your posts x

    1. Aw, thank you! You could try starting out with something a little easier and working your way up – I’m sure you’d be able to do this in no time! We have a few other designs that would be great to start with. That is nice of you to say! It does take quite a bit of time and effort to create these posts 🙂


    Incredibly festive and so modern! Lately, I’ve been getting into painting my nails and this is something I definitely need to try 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s so much fun painting your nails isn’t it?! If you do try this look out, we’d love to see it 🙂

  28. That’s such a lovely design! I wish I could do things like’s not that your post isn’t informative, I just can’t keep y hands still at all. I always get my gel nails done at the salon. Such a cute post!

    1. Aww thank you! You could always use this as inspiration for a look when you get your nails done at the salon 🙂

  29. Those are so beautiful! You did a fantastic job love!

    1. Aww, thank you so much 🙂

  30. I lovvvvvve nail art!!! Have you tried sipping newspaper in alcohol and printing it on your nails?? I did it with cut outs from holiday mags too for funky nails! I don’t wanna be excited for Christmas yet but those nailllls!!!!

    1. Me too!!! Oh no, I haven’t tried that before?! That sounds soo interesting – definitely will have to try that out at some point! Haha, I know that feeling – when we were creating these tutorials it was so hard not to feel all Christmassy!

  31. Wow these look amazing!!! I’ve always wanted to get into nail art and I’m obsessed with looking at tutorials and ideas like this!x

    1. Thank you! It’s so much fun doing nail art! Haha, well I hope these tutorials help you get into nail art – we have made them quite simple so everyone can follow them and try it out. If you do paint this look – we’d love to see it!

  32. Wow, I absolutely love this look! It’s so detailed and so perfect. Your photos are amazing and you’ve laid out all the steps brilliantly. Whether I can replicate on myself is another matter but I also love your gorgeous fox nail art, which looks a little easier for a nail art beginner! Just beautiful x

    Lisa |

    1. Aww, thank you so much for this lovely comment! We’ve tried to lay it out so everyone can follow it easily and try it out if they want to 🙂 aww yes! The fox is one of my favourite ones too, it’s so cute and definitely a good place to start if you are a beginner 🙂

  33. You are so talented! I would not be able to do that to save my life. It’s such cute nail art and so so perfect for the holidays. Love the post!

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, you may surprise yourself 😛 you could try something a little easier to begin with if you wanted to get into nail art. We have a few other designs you could try, also we’ll be posting some more Christmas themed ones so keep an eye out for them!

  34. These are adorable! And that shade of blue is perfect for a winter themed nail art!

    Laura ¦

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yeah, that blue nail varnish is sooo pretty! One of my fav!

  35. How cute! I wish I was that talented.

    Ashleigh | Ashleigh Renay

    1. It’s so cute isn’t it – I love this nail look! Aww, you could try it and you might surprise yourself! Or start with some easier nail art and work your way up 🙂

  36. Beautiful nail art. I must stop biting my nails to try this out though haha. Whoopsie.

    1. Thank you! Haha, well I found out painting my nails helped me stop when I was younger as I didn’t want to ruin the pretty nail varnish 😛

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